Why You Should Incorporate Supplements into Your Life

We get it. There are so many conflicting statements about supplements floating around on the internet that simply knowing whether or not you should integrate them into your life can be quite overwhelming. Oftentimes, attempts to learn more can leave you wondering whether they are necessary at all. Thankfully, Vitruvian Wellness Center is here to help you navigate through the confusion. Here are some of the best reasons to consider incorporating supplements into your daily diet.

We All Have Nutritional Gaps

Believe it or not, studies have suggested that over 90% of individuals don’t receive their daily recommended value of nutrients. Sometimes this is due to poor dietary choices or lack of appetite, but even those who are steadfast about healthy food choices may be missing certain nutrients because of the idiosyncrasies of their body chemistry.

This gap can be closed by the addition of a custom-tailored supplemental regimen to your daily meals, which can enhance the nutrient density of a diet to ensure you are receiving the right balance.

Today’s Food is Different

In the name of profit and high volume yields, modern farming now utilizes pesticides and monocultural growing techniques that deplete soil nutrients. In effect, the fruits and vegetables we consume no longer contain the concentration of vitamins and minerals that they once did. This means that those of us relying exclusively on fresh foods for their nutritional value are missing out. The inclusion of supplements in your diet can make up for this. 

Our Bodies Need Extra Help Battling Toxins

Over its evolution, the human body has honed and developed a naturally occurring process called detoxification, during which it removes harmful substances and particles (free radicals, for example) via waste mechanisms. Unfortunately, due in part to increased exposure to toxins via harmful chemicals, stress, and processed foods, this natural process is often not strong enough to fully detox the body of a 21st-century adult.

Luckily, there are a variety of supplements available whose principal value is to fortify our bodies against toxins and strengthen their abilities to detoxify.

Your Wallet Will Thank You

It’s never fun to talk about money, but we think you’ll enjoy hearing that incorporating supplements into your diet can prevent costly health issues from arising. By making sure that your body is properly nourished with the right balance of nutrients, you are far less likely to need medical attention and costly health treatments. It’s really that simple.

Refortify And Revitalize with Vitruvian Wellness Center

At Vitruvian Wellness Center, we are here to help guide you on the path to recovery and wellness with our carefully curated collection of natural vitamins and supplements that are available for purchase HERE.

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