Why You Should Detox on a Regular Basis

Each year, millions of people nationwide suffer from a variety of maladies. These range from the small and subtle (like fogginess, achy muscles, and stiff joints) to the more debilitating (headaches, fatigue, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, and much more).

In many cases, physicians prescribe various pharmaceuticals to address these problems, but the truth is that medications rarely address the root causes. To get beyond alleviatory remedies, you may want to consider a regular detoxification program. Here are several critical benefits of detoxing frequently.

Flushes Your Body of Toxins

Our bodies are exposed to harmful toxins every day. The food we eat, the products we use on our bodies, and even the waste our bodies produce, all play a part in the toxins that accumulate. A detoxification program will help cleanse the body of toxins and help it reset, fortify, and heal.

Helps to Prevent Inflammation & Chronic Disease

A body free of toxins is a body far less prone to the adverse effects of indiscriminate inflammation, which increases risk to a variety of chronic diseases. Detoxifications, in contrast, fight against unhealthy inflammation and encourage a physiological environment where chronic diseases cannot take hold.

Boosts The Immune System

Just as a detox regimen fights inflammation, so too does it aid and fortify our immune systems. By clearing our body of toxins, our immune systems are left unhindered and can function at optimal levels to maintain our health and wellness.

Increases Energy Levels & Stabilizes Mood

Individuals plagued by fatigue, anxiety, or erratic mood shift will find that a detox can dramatically shift their lives. Detoxification has the added benefit of balancing blood sugar levels and regulating our parasympathetic nervous systems, so that our bodies can exist in a calmer state with better energy balance, both mentally and physically.

Aids with Sleep

At first, individuals detoxifying may experience sleep issues, but ultimately a body rid of toxins is a body more capable of receiving a higher quality of sleep, and sleep is a critical component of health and wellness overall.

Encourages Mental Clarity

Accumulations of toxins in the body affect brain function. By flushing our bodies of these toxins, we are more likely to experience strong and clear thought processes that encourage creativity and productivity 

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