5 Benefits of Taking Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplements

At Vitruvian Wellness Center we strongly advocate for daily supplementation with Omega-3 fatty acids. It is arguably the most studied nutrient on the planet, and years of well-documented research have determined that Omega-3 provides an array of unique health benefits for your body and brain.

Today, here on the Vitruvian Wellness Center blog, we share five reasons why you should absolutely consider incorporating Omega-3 supplements into your health regimen.

Fight Anxiety and Depression

A variety of studies all over the globe have indicated that those who include Omega-3 supplements in a regular dietary routine are less likely to experience the crippling effects of anxiety and depression. What’s more, individuals already experiencing these issues have improvement of symptoms following a regular inclusion of Omega-3 in their diet.

Reduce Risk of Heart Disease

Omega-3 is known to provide numerous benefits related to heart health. It can lower blood pressure, reduce the body’s triglyceride count, help maintain good cholesterol levels, prevent blood clots, and fight plaque buildup in arteries. Omega-3 fatty acids are also considered to contain anti-inflammatory properties and curb production of various substances commonly released during the body’s inflammatory response.

Support Skin Health 

Both EPA and DHA are unique Omega-3 that comprise critical elements of our skin. They are responsible for the health of cell membranes, which make up a large part of your skin. Consumed at proper dosages, Omega-3 can manage oil production and encourage hydration of the skin. The result can be a reduction of premature aging. Omega-3 can also protect your skin from sun damage. EPA in particular helps block the release of substances that eat away at the collagen in your skin after sun exposure.

Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Agents

Inflammation is an entirely natural response to bodily harm and infection, so occasional irritation can be expected. Chronic inflammation, however, can cause serious long-term health issues and contribute to almost every chronic Western illness, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and a range of autoimmune disorders. Omega-3 fatty acids aid in regulatory processes that ensure bodily inflammation is balanced.

Improvement of Bone and Joint Health

Disorders of the skeletal system such as arthritis and osteoporosis can be debilitating and painful. Studies have suggested that Omega-3 can reduce the risk of these ailments by fortifying the strength and health of bones and joints throughout the body.

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